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More Signs of a Bright Outlook for Solar Power

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More signs of a continued bright future for solar power.

New solar generating capacity expected to be installed around the world in 2013 will be capable of producing almost as much electricity as eight nuclear reactors, according to Bloomberg, which interviewed seven analysts and averaged their forecasts.

That would be a rise of 14 percent over last year for a total of 34.1 gigawatts of new solar capacity, thanks in large part to rising demand in China, the U.S., and Japan.

Also see the new Solar Market Insight Report by SEIA, which finds that "2012 was a historic and busy year for the U.S. solar energy industry," as "[PV] installations grew 76% over 2011, to total 3,313 megawatts (MW) in 2012, with an estimated market value of $11.5 billion." Not too shabby for an industry the fossil fuel-funded critics like to bash as "not ready for prime time."