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Guardian: New Study Finds that Anti-Wind-Power Lobby's Lies Make People Sick

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You almost have to laugh at this news, except when you consider how much harm these anti-wind-power propagandists have caused.

Sickness being attributed to wind turbines is more likely to have been caused by people getting alarmed at the health warnings circulated by activists, an Australian study has found.

Complaints of illness were far more prevalent in communities targeted by anti-windfarm groups, said the report's author, Simon Chapman, professor of public health at Sydney University. His report concludes that illnesses being blamed on windfarms are more than likely caused by the psychological effect of suggestions that the turbines make people ill, rather than by the turbines themselves.

"If windfarms were intrinsically unhealthy or dangerous in some way, we would expect to see complaints applying to all of them, but in fact there is a large number where there have been no complaints at all," Chapman said.

So what have anti-wind-power propagandists accomplished, exactly, other than literally making people ill? Mostly, they've slowed down wind power development, at a time when we need to be expanding clean energy sources liked wind as rapidly as possible. In other words, the anti-wind folks are not just harming people's health, they're also harming the health of our planet's environment. And yes, thinking about that is enough to make you sick.

P.S. Congratulations to Tigercomm, which just became the American Wind Energy Association's firm of record!