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Video: Billionaire Investor Tom Steyer Says We Need a "cleaner, safer, cheaper energy future"

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Yesterday, speaking in front of 35,000 people rallying against the Keystone tar sands pipeline and for a clean energy future, billionaire investor Tom Steyer shared his vision of where we need to go. And it's not in the direction of more dirty energy. Here's a partial transcript of what Steyer had to say:

The argument for the Keystone pipeline is business as usual...but the time for business as usual has passed; we can't afford 40 more years of dirty energy. We can't afford the droughts, the storms, the disasters. And most of all, we can't afford NOT to build a cleaner, cheaper, more secure energy system...Investment is about analysis and timing, we're always asking the question, why is today different from every other day before this? Today is different because it's time now for the first time to look comprehensively; we have to consider all the costs. And we have to ask ourselves, does this pipeline help us, or does it help a few narrow interests? Look, we're Americans, we've never been scared to look at the facts, we've never run away when things are hard...Today we absolutely have to stand up and face the truth. Today we have to dare to say no to the Keystone pipeline. And today we have to decide to invent a cleaner, safer, cheaper energy future together.

We couldn't agree more with Tom Steyer that the time to build a clean energy economy is right now. And the time to say farewell to carbon-based, 19th and early 20th century energy technologies is also right now. Let's do it.