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The Guardian: Fossil Fuel Interests Have Spent $120 Million to Attack Clean Energy, Climate Science

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We've known for a long time that fossil fuel interests have been funding a broad effort to attack renewable energy, to slow down or prevent its scaling, and to undermine a major argument in favor of clean energy - the science of climate change.  Now, The Guardian is out with what we believe to be an important article, in that it gives us an idea of the amount of funding, and the sources, behind this war on clean energy.  A few highlights from the article include:

Also see this article for more information on Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, including that the "people running these organizations are close to the Kochs and have numerous ties to the groups that the DONORS network funds, such as the Koch-founded Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Independent Women’s Forum and the Manhattan Institute."  In sum, it's clear that the vast majority of opposition to clean energy is not grassroots in origin, but the result of a concerted, extremely well-funded effort by fossil fuel interests to beat back what they view as a mortal threat to their lucrative, carbon-based industry.