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January 2013 Power Additions in the U.S. Were 100% Renewable Energy

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We wanted to highlight this story, as it's yet more evidence that clean energy is not just the wave of the future, but the wave of the present.

...Every single megawatt of new generating capacity added in the U.S. last month was renewable. Every single one.

The full dataset from FERC is here [PDF], outlining the constituent additions: 958 megawatts of wind, 267 of solar, and 6 little megawatts of biomass. In total, 1,231 megawatts of capacity were added in January of this year compared to 1,693 in January 2012. The amount of wind and solar added last month was greater than the amount of coal and natural gas added a year ago.

Now, we're not saying this is going to happen every month, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more months like January 2013 in coming years.