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Wind Power Replaces Proposed Petroleum Coke Plant in Texas; We Celebrate, The Daily Caller Complains

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For most Americans, the concept of clean, renewable wind power replacing dirty, non-renewable fossil fuel would be great news.  But not for the anti-clean-energy, pro-fossil-fuel website, the Daily Caller. Here's the Daily Caller's "call" on the story.

The energy company Duke Energy, which has close ties to President Barack Obama’s administration and is involved with the pro-Obama political operation Organizing for Action, completed two new expansive wind power projects this month in the same region near Corpus Cristi, Texas where a major job-creating coal power project was recently disbanded.

Chase Power announced January 23 that it has canceled construction of its $3 billion Las Brisas coal power plant, which was supposed to be part of the larger Las Brisas Energy Center in the Inner Harbor of Corpus Cristi. The Las Brisas Energy Center, including the coal plant, was projected to create 3,900 new jobs in Texas before its termination.

Chase Power CEO Dave Freysinger blamed the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency for the project’s cancellation.

First, a quick correction for the Daily Caller: this plant was to be run on petroleum coke, a byproduct of the crude oil refining process, not on coal as their article incorrectly claims. True, petroleum coke and coal are both fossil fuels, but they're not the same thing at all. Details - and facts - matter.

As to the thrust of the Daily Caller's argument: maybe we're missing something, but we're not seeing the problem here.  In sum: a planned fossil-fuel-fired power plant is canceled, a wind project opens in its place. Why did this happen in the case of Las Brisas? Simple: the petroleum coke plant was "done in by more competitive natural gas and wind alternatives."

It's called capitalism, which we presume the Daily Caller celebrates. And as the Daily Caller presumably knows, an integral part of capitalism is a concept known as "creative destruction." Something new and better - wind power, for instance - comes along; something old and antiquated and/or uneconomical - in this case, petroleum coke - is deep sixed. It's the American Way, pretty much. And, come to think of it, we might have a bit more creative destruction in our economy if we got rid of all the taxpayer-funded corporate welfare checks going to the fossil fuel industries. It seems to us like this is something the self-professed, pro-free-markets Daily Caller should be advocating for, not decrying.