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Video: Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Tells "Energy All-Stars" Event "We Can Change the World" with Clean Energy

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Bill Nye "The Science Guy" talks about what space can teach us about climate and the need for cleaner energy during the "Energy All-Stars" event held at Department of Energy headquarters in Washington, DC this past Saturday. I live tweeted the event; here are my tweets from Bill Nye's talk.

  • @TheScienceGuy - The rate we're pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is changing the world, more like Venus.
  • @TheScienceGuy - Shows "hockey stick" graph, Earth getting hot very fast over past few decades
  • @TheScienceGuy - "We've got to do more with less" if we're going to "CHANGE THE WORLD!"
  • @TheScienceGuy - Go into #solar energy business, do good AND get very very rich! "The possibilities are huge."
  • @TheScienceGuy - I want the US to lead the world in #cleantech and get rich in the US - "c'mon, it will be fun!"
  • @TheScienceGuy - "#Solar hot water is just plumbing; it's not rocket surgery!"