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MediaMatters "Myths and Facts About Solar Energy" Dispels Main Falsehoods About Solar

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I wanted to highlight MediaMatters' "Myths and Facts About Solar Energy," as it is a superb, thorough, fact-and-logic-based demolition of the major myths about solar energy you frequently see bandied about. Here are the main myths, with the factual refutation headline (note that there's a great deal more detail in the MediaMatters article than just a headline):

1. "MYTH: Solar Energy Is 'Dirty'"
"FACT: Solar Energy Can Greatly Reduce Pollution"
2. MYTH: Solar Energy Requires Vast Amounts Of Land
"FACT: Modest Amount Of Desert Land Could Supply All Our Power"
3. "MYTH: Solar Power Is Too Intermittent For U.S."
"FACT: U.S. Has Great Solar Potential Aided By New Technologies"
4. "MYTH: Solar Energy Is Too Expensive"
"FACT: Solar Costs Are Dropping Rapidly"
5. "MYTH: The U.S. Solar Industry Is Failing:"
"FACT: Solar Installations Are Booming"
6. "MYTH: U.S. Can't Compete With Chinese Solar Industry"
"FACT: U.S. Can Be A Solar Powerhouse With Right Policies"
7. "MYTH: Solar Is Over-Subsidized"
"FACT: Solar Subsidies Are Helping An Emerging Technology"

So, the next time someone tells you "solar energy is too expensive" or any of these other false myths, refer them to MediaMatters "Myths and Facts About Solar Energy" and set the record straight. We'd also recommend that everyone proactively forward this information around, particularly given evidence that it's far, far more difficult to correct untruths once they're out there, then to get the truth out in the first place.