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Bjorn Lomborg: Climate Denier AND Cleantech Denier

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Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising, but it's still pathetic, that climate denier Bjorn Lomborg is also a cleantech denier.

Bjorn Lomborg’s latest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal displays a brand of doublethink that has become his trademark. He switches between recognizing climate change and its risks, to rejecting the need for meaningful action in the near term. While he makes several sensible recommendations in this op-ed, he also incorporates misleading and discredited scientific information to justify dangerous delays in climate action.


Lomborg [further concludes] that current investments in climate mitigation, including renewable energy subsidies, are wasteful. He uses a series of distracting and misleading statements about trends in extreme weather to minimize the risks we face and delay action.

Totally wrong and totally pathetic. So, here's a question: Why does science denier and clean energy basher Bjorn Lomborg get invited to conferences to dump on clean energy? It's beyond us.