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While Congress Fails to Act, States Make Progress on Clean Energy

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As frustrating as it is to see the gridlock in Congress over clean energy, it's nice to know that progress is being made at the state level.

...the push to expand renewable energy, which would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by producing electricity without burning fossil fuels, does continue on the state level. And California is pressing ahead — without the six states that initially planned to join it — with a trading system that will allow the state’s major carbon emitters to buy and sell pollution allowances.

Clearly, the states remain the laboratories where we’re seeing significant progress,” said Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters.

We'll see if that progress continues in coming months and years. One vote to keep an eye on tonight is in Michigan, where residents will decide "whether the state will require that 25 percent of its electricity be produced from renewable energy by 2025." Let's hope they make the right choice for their state's future - a "yes" vote for clean energy!