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Video: Ray Henger of OwnEnergy Says PTC Disruption "disproportionately difficult" to "small and new entrants to this industry"

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Recently, we held a roundtable discussion at Tigercomm headquarters in Rosslyn, Virginia with former Virginia Governor (now Senator-elect) Tim Kaine, as well as 10 clean economy  business leaders from the  mid-Atlantic region. One of those leaders was Ray Henger of OwnEnergy. Here's a brief description of OwnEnergy's work in building the clean economy:

OwnEnergy partners with landowners to develop renewable energy projects, with an initial focus on 10-80 MW wind energy projects...By teaming up with landowners and local developers to develop mid-size wind farms, OwnEnergy capitalizes on the converging trends of consumers’ desire for clean energy and distributed generation.

In the Tigercomm clean economy forum, Henger called OwnEnergy an example of the "next generation of startups which have begun to hit this industry."  In terms of federal energy policy, Henger pointed to the Community Wind Act, which he explained is "designed to incentive [small projects] with a large community ownership to be built over the large megaprojects." Henger also noted that any disruption to regular renewal of the Production Tax Credit is "disproportionately difficult" to the "small and new entrants to this industry."