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TransCanada Claims to Be "Good Neighbors" but Has Great Grandma Thrown in Jail

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This story is sadly typical of how the powerful, dirty energy industry - in this case, Canadian tar sands company TransCanada, busy building the southern leg of the Keystone Pipeline - treat people.

The streets of east Texas are safer now that great grandmother Eleanor Fairchild is in the clink.  The charge: trespassing on her own land.

Ms. Fairchild was trying to stop destruction of her property from heavy equipment being used to clear the way for the southern segment of the Keystone XL pipeline. With her was a group of protesters representing the “Tar Sands Blockade” and actress Daryl Hannah.

The company behind the pipeline, TransCanada, has run a sickening campaign in recent months claiming they are “good neighbors and the pipeline is the equivalent of giving Americans a neighborly cup of sugar. Landowners have long told a different story of bullying and harrassment by TransCanada attorneys to get them to sign easements allowing the company to condemn their land.

Also, check out the video, above, in which Eleanor Fairchild tries to defend her farm from destruction, demanding that TransCanada "get off my land," and explaining that "our home is on it, they're going to destroy the woods and also they could destroy the springs; it's just devastating...it's also not very good to have the tar sands anywhere in the United States...it needs to be stopped." We couldn't agree more.