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Supposedly Safe Keystone Oil Pipeline Shut Down Due to...Safety Issues

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You've got to love the irony of a story like this one.

TransCanada assures you that the Keystone XL pipeline, if ever built, will be safe and pure and shoot out dollar coins along 20-yard intervals. Spill? What’s a spill? Everything will be lovely and cool. Don’t worry about it. The Canadian company knows it can argue for reliability because, look, it’s been doing this a long time, guys. It hasmiles and miles of pipeline already operational, including Keystone OG, the original, smaller pipe. (“Keystone OG” is a name that I just made up, but that I hope sticks.)

Well, Keystone OG is usually operational, anyway — just not for the next three days. From the Washington Post...

Reassuring, isn't it? On second thought...