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New Poll: U.S. Voters Overwhelmingly Support Solar, Wind Power Expansion

1 min. read

A new poll by Hart Research once again finds what we've known for a long time: Americans overwhelmingly hold favorable views of clean energy and believe we should expand it. Here are a few highlights from the poll:

  • "A nearly unanimous 92% of voters feel it is very important (58%) or somewhat important (34%) for the United States to develop and use solar power," including 98% of Democrats, 95% of Independents, and 84% of Republicans.
  • 85% of voters have a favorable view of solar power, with 82% of voters also holding a favorable view of wind power.  This support is nearly universal, "regardless of party or demographics."
  • In stark contrast, only 32% of voters hold a favorable view of coal, and just 42% hold a favorable view of oil.
  • "Solar is the energy source voters are most eager to see government support through tax subsidies and financial incentives," with wind power close behind.
  • To the contrary, only 8% of voters want coal to receive government support, and just 13% want oil to do so.