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CleanTechnica Debunks Erroneous Fox News Wind Claims

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There are so many falsehoods about clean energy being spewed by the dirty energy industries and their media allies, it's hard to keep up with them, let alone to debunk them all. Still, we've got to try.  That's exactly what CleanTechnica has done in its "Fact Check" on a Fox News segment regarding the Mid-Atlantic wind farm proposal.  According to CleanTechnica:

  • The claim that wind power is “incurably intermittent" is untrue for several reasons. First, "wind farms can provide a 100% stable power output using battery energy storage, compressed air energy storage, or pumped hydroelectric storage." Second, since "wind is always blowing somewhere...[w]ith a good grid, wind from one region can easily be sent to another." Finally, "wind power is one part of the electric grid," and as such "will never be expected to deliver 100% of the grid’s electricity."
  • The charge that the wind industry hired "only" 75,000 people is absurd on almost any level, certainly when you compare it to total U.S. coal mining jobs (83,000), and especially when you consider that wind power accounts for under 2% of U.S. power production, compared to 35%-40% for coal-fired electricity.
  • The attempt at denigrating wind power's environmental advantages is simply laughable, given that wind power emits no air or water pollutants - CO2, sulfur dioxide, lead, arsenic, particulates, etc.

Finally, we'd point out that wind power doesn't require blowing up mountains to get at it, doesn't threaten to contaminate aquifers supplying water to tens of millions of people, and doesn't "spill" into the Gulf of Mexico, Kalamazoo River, or anywhere else. It's also inexhaustible and extremely abundant, with just the U.S. East Coast capable of producing "from 965 to 1,372 terawatt hours of electricity annually, enough to satisfy the demands of one-third of the United States." Not too shabby for an industry that Fox News repeatedly denigrates.