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Arkansas Property Owners Sue Frackers for Improperly Pumping Waste Fluids Under Their Land

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The other day, we highlighted a story about how one dirty energy company - Canadian tar sands company TransCanada - had a great grandmother throw in jail for protesting their destruction of her property.  Sadly, this is not an isolated example of how oil, gas, and coal companies treat people. For instance, the Associated Press reports:

A group of residents in Independence and Faulkner counties are suing three natural gas drilling companies, claiming that waste fluids are improperly being pumped underneath land the companies don't own or lease.


The plaintiffs, led by Robbie and Gwenna Hill of Quitman, [Arkansas] argue that fluid that's injected at disposal sites is migrating beneath their property as it fills cavities in porous rock deep below the surface.

"As a result of their activities, the (companies) are unjustly enriched by trespassing upon the lands of the plaintiffs and others, and were that not enough, the defendants are also receiving income for disposing of the oilfield waste on land owned by others," the lawsuit states. The term "oilfield waste" covers fluids involved in natural gas drilling.

Meanwhile, rather than confront concerns over pollution and adverse health consequences from their activities, the natural gas fracking industry is busy "bombarding film reviewers with scientific studies, distributing leaflets to moviegoers and mounting a 'truth-squad' effort on Twitter and Facebook" to counter a new film, Promised Land, that the industry worries "will portray fracking in a negative light." Perhaps, instead of worrying so much about what's coming out of Hollywood, the natural gas fracking industry might worry a bit more about what's coming out of the taps of people who live near their operations?