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Anti-Clean-Energy Koch Brothers Take Their Comic Villainy to a New Level of Craziness

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As we've previously discussed,  the Koch brothers are central to the web of dirty energy interests attacking clean energy. These guys are so egregiously, almost comically, villainous, they've been called "the plutocrats from central casting – oil-and-gas billionaires ready to buy any congressman, fund any lie, fight any law, bust any union, despoil any landscape, or shirk any (tax) burden to push their free-market religion and pump up their profits."

Now, courtesy of Raw Story, we have yet more evidence of what we're talking about:

William Koch, the billionaire energy tycoon and prominent Republican donor, allegedly kidnapped and interrogated at a remote Aspen ranch a former top-level executive whom he suspected of subversion.


In the suit, [former Koch executive Kirby] Martensen charges that in March, [William] Koch lured him and other employees to a secluded Aspen ranch—one with no cell phone reception or connection to the outside world—under “false pretenses.” Though Martensen thought he had been called to Aspen to discuss business, he was instead interrogated, searched and held against his will for over twenty-four hours before finally being freed.

In sum, we couldn't ask for better character villains than the Koch Brothers, with their public relations clumsiness and heavy handed approach, as the face of the anti-clean-energy opposition in this country.