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Video: ARPA-E Official Describes Work on Car Battery Which Would Make Internal Combustion Engine Obsolete

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Here is yet another fascinating video from the National Clean Energy Summit held yesterday in Las Vegas. This one is with Peder Maarbjerg of the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy, whose goal is "transformational energy research that industry by itself cannot or will not support due to its high risk but where success would provide dramatic benefits for the nation." Highlights from what Maarbjerg had to say include:

  • ARPA-E is working on a car battery program whose goal is to do "two times the energy density at three times less the cost" and ultimately "make a car battery for an electric vehicle that would make the internal combustion engine obsolete...without subsidies."
  • They're also working on "something called electrofuels...a type of biofuel that does not use photosynthesis," such as "bacteria [that] eat CO2 and make oil."
  • According to Maarbjerg, "This has [the potential] to be 10 times more efficient than the best biofuel today, and that means less land and less water."
  • UPDATE: Other interviews well worth watching include Denise Bode of AWEA on "prospects for jobs and growth in the wind energy industry;" United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard on "the staggering number of new jobs that would be available as a domestic supply chain of clean energy expanded;" Phil Giudice of Liquid Metal Battery Corporation on electricity storage at a "grand scale;" Mike Garland of Pattern Energy on developing the first wind project in Nevada; Aubrey Zbelman of Viridity Energy on the advantages of distributed energy and energy efficiency; Jim Murren of MGM Resort on cutting costs by choosing clean energy solutions; and Jon Wellinghoff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on reducing consumers' energy costs through energy efficiency and clean energy.