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New Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for Clean Energy Among Latino Voters

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A new research survey of Latino voters' opinions regarding energy and environmental issues finds great news for supporters of clean energy. The bottom line is that "Latino voters across the country strongly support clean energy, are very concerned about the public health effects of fossil fuel production and use, believe that global climate change is happening, and want to protect the nation’s public lands.  A few details:

  • "Nearly 9-in-10 (87%) Latino voters, with all wages and benefits equal, would rather work in the clean energy industry than at a fossil fuel company or oil refinery."
  • "83% agree that ' coal plants and oil refineries are a thing of the past. We need to look toward the future and use more energy from clean sources.'"
  • "...86% prefer that the government invest in clean, renewable energy like solar and wind, while just 11% of Latinos prefer investments in fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas."
  • "More than 9-in-10 (92%) Latino voters agree that they 'have a moral responsibility to take care of God’s creations on this earth - the wilderness and forests, the oceans, lakes and rivers.'"
  • "An overwhelming majority (94%) of Latino voters also believe that they and their families can help curb toxic air and water pollution by conserving energy."

Now, as the Sierra Club said in its press release announcing these findings, we just need "our nation’s leaders to catch up and usher in a clean energy economy that provides good jobs and healthy families."