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Yet Another Oil-Funded Politician Falsely Claims that "oil companies don't get subsidies"

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The utter ignorance of U.S. Senator Scott Brown here is stunning. It also seems to be a pattern; for instance, back in April, Rep. Dan Benishek of Michigan claimed that "[t]here are no government subsidies of oil” and that “[t]he government does not give oil companies money."

In reality, there's irrefutable and voluminous evidence that the oil industry been heavily subsidized, both implicitly and explicitly, for 100+ years in the United States. As we’ve previously pointed out, there have been numerous counts of how much federal largesse goes to dirty oil executives like Rex Tillerson and Gregory Boyce. They range from $10 billion a year by the Environmental Law Institute, to the more comprehensive, $52 billion a year by Doug Koplow of EarthTrack.  And that doesn't even count the enormous costs that our "oil addiction" imposes on our economy, on our national security, and on our environment.

Perhaps Sen. Scott Brown is inexplicably ignorant of all these well-known facts. Or perhaps, given that he receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from his pals in Big Oil, he'd rather just not know.