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Poll Shows Overwhelming Small Business Support for Michigan RPS: Opposition Comes from Coal-Fired Utilities

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Yet more evidence that Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy, and also that clean energy is a big-time winner economically.

new poll conducted by Small Business Majority shows that small businesses in Michigan “overwhelmingly support increasing the state’s renewable energy standard to 25 percent by 2025.” According to the poll, 79 percent of poll respondents supported the measure.

Michigan’s renewable energy standard, which requires a 10% penetration by 2015, has driven more than $100 million in economic activity. The new proposed standard, which will be on a ballot initiative in November, is expected to spur billions in economic activity.

Who, if anyone, would possibly oppose such a popular measure that makes such great sense economically?  You guessed it: "large power companies and the Chamber of Commerce."  Oh, and the large power companies are DTE Energy, which "has 22 coal-fired generating stations with 7,998 MW of capacity," and Consumers Energy, which is also heavily coal-fired. Why are we not surprised?