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"The Sky is Pink" Highlights Gas Industry Disinformation Campaign on Fracking

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THE SKY IS PINK from JFOX on Vimeo.

According to Kevin Grandia of Greenpeace USA, a new video ("The Sky is Pink") by Gasland producer Josh Fox is "so good that it can change our health and well-being on this planet forever." According to Brendan DeMelle of DeSmogBlog, The Sky is Pink is "a must-watch new short video taking a look at the controversy in New York where Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering plans to lift the state's moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for unconventional gas."

Why do we need a video on this topic? One great reason is a new poll which finds that only 32% of Americans are familiar with the term "fracking." That's in spite of the fact that fracking has received a great deal of publicity over the past few years, both because it's causing natural gas production in the United States to spike - and prices to fall precipitously - and also because it's polluting, or threatening to pollute, water supplies across the country. Of course, if you listened to the natural gas industry, its paid spokespeople, or often the mainstream media reporting "both sides" of the story, you'd never know that. Which is exactly why films and videos like Josh Fox's "The Sky is Pink" are so important for everyone to watch, and to pass along to everyone they know.