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New Poll: Americans Strongly Support Clean Energy, Want Fracking Regulations Increased

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According to a new poll by National Journal, "[a] large majority of Americans support a pair of congressional efforts to create an economy based on cleaner-energy sources."

  • "Almost two-thirds—64 percent—of those surveyed said that Congress should extend federal tax credits that encourage production of alternative-energy sources, such as wind, that are due to expire at year’s end."
  • "64 percent of respondents said they support enactment of a clean-energy standard, which would require the country to produce a higher percentage of its electricity from cleaner sources of energy."
  • 68 percent of Americans say that oil and natural gas "fracking" should either be banned (15%) or be more tightly regulated (53%), with just 25% saying that regulations on "fracking" should be reduced.
  • "Respondents in the East, which includes Appalachian states such as Pennsylvania that are ground zero for the shale-gas boom, are the least supportive of fracking."

In sum, Americans love clean energy and want it supported.  In contrast, Americans are concerned about the potential environmental impacts of natural gas and oil "fracking," and want regulations increased on that industry. Intriguingly, those who are closest to "fracking" operations are the most concerned. The question is, are politicians listening to the American people on either of these subjects?