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New Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Tighter Regulation of "Fracking"

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Despite an incessant barrage of pro-natural-gas-"fracking" propaganda coming from the industry and its political allies, a new poll indicates that the American people are not buying it.

The U.S. public favors greater regulation of hydraulic fracturing, a natural gas drilling technique that has reduced prices for consumers while raising environmental concerns.

More than three times as many Americans say there should be more regulation of fracturing, known as fracking, than less, according to a Bloomberg News National Poll conducted March 8-11. The findings coincide with recent surveys in Ohio and New York where people who believe fracking will cause environmental damage outnumber those who say the process is safe.


When asked by Bloomberg if there needs to be more or less regulation of fracking, 65 percent said more, 18 percent said less and 17 percent said they weren’t sure. The poll of 1,002 adults 18 and older was conducted by Selzer & Co., a Des Moines, Iowa-based firm. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Why would such an overwhelming majority of Americans support increased regulation of "fracking?" Perhaps because it resembles "a Ponzi scheme?" Or maybe because it poses a significant threat to water supplies and public health? Or possibly because it also has been proven to cause earthquakes? How about all of the above?