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Fracking in Ohio "Almost Certainly" Caused a Dozen Earthquakes

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As if the risk to our water supplies from natural gas fracking, not to mention the Scam Behind the Gas Boom," wasn't enough, how about this?

A dozen earthquakes in northeastern Ohio were almost certainly induced by injection of gas-drilling wastewater into the earth, state regulators said Friday as they announced a series of tough new rules for drillers.

Those earthquakes include a 4.0 magnitude quake on New Years Eve 2011 that "was felt across hundreds of square miles in the state of Ohio, and scientists suspect it is related to hydraulic fracturing wastewater disposal near Youngstown, Ohio."

What does this indicate? Perhaps that we're "moving too fast" when it comes to fracking?

The state's report validates concerns among environmentalists that Ohio is moving too fast, said Jed Thorp, manager of the Ohio chapter of the Sierra Club.

"This proves that we need to have data and research and regulations in place before these activities begin. The problem here is that they let everybody go over there and start punching holes in the ground before there was data and adequate research," he said. "So now we're in a position of having to create regulations after the fact. That's really a backward way to do it."

Yes, and it's also "backward" to allow an industry to expand with minimal regulation, especially when we already know it "poses serious environmental risks," but we just don't know how serious those risks might be. How about we find out first before we proceed any further towards risking our health and safety in the mad scramble to get gas out of peoples' backyards and from underneath precious aquifers?