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California’s Wine Country is Harvesting Grapes and Sunlight

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By Brian Mahar

After our wedding last February, my wife and I explored our individual interests mutually during our honeymoon. For her it was wine; for me solar. Not surprisingly, she’s the more fun one in our relationship.

Over the course of several days in Napa and Sonoma, we drank countless wines and learned a lot about making and tasting wine. I can now dazzle friends and acquaintances with terms like “fruit forward.”

During our trip, we visited several solar-powered vineyards and saw many others along the road. It got me thinking: why is the wine industry so fervently embracing solar energy?

I pondered that question as we returned again to Northern California for our one-year anniversary trip. Yes, we survived a year despite accusations that I was spending too much time with some woman named “Solyndra.”

There are three main reasons I think that the wine industry is ahead of the curve in adopting solar energy: smart economics, great location and sustainable motivation.

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll expand on these topics with some examples from my trips (along with a few wine recommendations).

Part 1: Smart Economics
Part 2: Great Location
Part 3: Sustainable Motivation