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Bjorn Lomborg Remains Silent About Wasteful Fossil Fuel Welfare

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Here's Bjorn Lomborg, apparently trying to curry the favor of fossil fuel funders with another piece that talks down clean energy and that wholly ignores the staggeringly large dirty energy welfare.

This is not the first time that Lomborg, a discredited "skeptic" around global climate disruption, has plunged into the world of clean energy policy. See what he had to say last April, for instance.  But what you can be certain of is that Lomborg has, and will remain, silent about the incredibly wasteful fossil fuel welfare programs in Europe and the U.S.. The IEA Executive Director  has called these programs "a significant economic liability."
How ironic that Lomborg has chosen yet again to run down clean energy programs, just as  pro-dirty energy politicians in the U.S. Congress aggressively blocked a common-sense extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC), triggering the start of a potential 75,000-person round of layoffs.  Too bad it's Lomborg who won't be among those losing their jobs.