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Michael Butler: Growth of Solar Will Continue to Accelerate in 2012

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Over at CleanEdge, the co-founder of Cascadia Capital, Michael Butler, has some interesting predictions for clean energy in 2012. The entire article is well worth reading, but here's just one of his predictions we thought was worth highlighting:

As the cost curve of panels continues downward, we predict the growth of solar will continue to accelerate and reach price parity with traditional energy sources in certain geographic regions such as California and areas in the Southwestern United States. While many are weary of the solar market due to Solyndra’s failure, it’s important to keep in mind that the company did not fall victim to a weak solar market, but failed to prepare for a decline in panel pricing. While solar projects have bright futures, investors will still look for sound business models, technological innovation, and continued cost reduction. Policymakers must also provide the kind of regulatory stability that attracts investors and encourages these projects to develop. We believe the current situation is part of an industry maturation process, and that the category has significantly outperformed all expectations and will emerge stronger than ever.