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"Earth Track" Energy Subsidies Expert Doug Koplow Demolishes Dirty Energy Shill's Argument

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Energy subsidies expert Doug Koplow of EarthTrack skillfully and forcefully refutes the utterly absurd argument, made by an oil-funded shill named Bernard Weinstein, that "renewable power industry has become addicted to federal subsidies and probably can’t stand on its own without them."  It's not true, of course, and Koplow duly demolishes it:

  • "Weinstein’s figures are also inaccurate...Missing are the critical, and often enormous, subsidies that flow to various fuels through loan guarantees, royalty exemptions, liability caps, nationalized supply security or waste management obligations, purchase mandates, and subsidized government-owned energy enterprises. "
  • "Even his tax break tally is picked from problematic data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)..."
  • "Expand beyond just fiscal subsidies and Weinstein’s academic framing of the simplistic 'drill, baby, drill' argument totally dissolves."
  • "Weinstein’s selective and inaccurate vision of market reform is unlikely to take us in the right direction."

In other words, the oil industry shill completely failed to prove his point about clean energy.  In reality, of course, as Paul Krugman pointed out two days ago, "we’re just a few years from the point at which electricity from solar panels becomes cheaper than electricity generated by burning coal." That's without subsidies, by the way, which the fossil fuel industry has been receiving for over 100 years now.  Not bad for an industry that the dirty energy attackers false claim "can’t stand on its own." We'll see what those people are saying in a few years, when their industry's on life support and clean energy is following "Moore's Law" to undreamed-of heights.