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Teen Develops "SunSaluter," Boosts Solar Output by 40%

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Courtesy of Grist, check out this amazing, inspirational story of a teenager whose work on lowering the cost of solar power is garnering plaudits - and grants.

Nineteen-year-old Eden Full is going to be taking a few years off from her studies at Princeton. That's because she's been getting a ton of grants to finish developing her SunSaluter, a technology that allows solar panels to track the sun, boosting output by 40 percent.

Unlike other devices that let solar panels move to follow the sun, the SunSaluter doesn't use a motor -- instead, it turns because the different metals it's made of expand in the sun at different rates. That means Full's invention is about 1/60th as expensive as traditional solar trackers -- $10 versus $600 -- and simple enough to be maintained by kids in developing communities.

Very cool.