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Hypocrisy Alert: Prominent Critics of Solyndra Sought Loans for Projects in Their States

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With all the hot air being spewed around these days regarding the Solyndra situation by anti-clean-energy politicians, you've just got to love stories like this.

...Louisiana senator [David Vitter] and other Republicans have pounced on the bankruptcy of Fremont, Calif.-based Solyndra Inc., saying the White House rushed to approve a loan guarantee to the politically connected company without adequate oversight

But Vitter was not always so critical of the loan program. Documents obtained by The Associated Press show he wrote to the Energy Department at least seven times since 2009 seeking money for projects that would benefit his home state.

One of the projects backed by Vitter, a company that makes activated carbon to reduce pollution at coal-fired power plants, has received preliminary approval for a $245 million loan guarantee. The project has not yet received any money.

Next time you hear David Vitter, or other politicians with a clear anti-clean-energy agenda, bashing the solar power industry, or more broadly the concept of jump starting a clean energy boom in this country, just remember stories like this one. You might also keep in mind that there's a useful word to describe people like this: hypocrites.