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"What's Worse Than a Coal Power Plant?"

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Courtesy of TheGreenMiles.com, we get an insightful perspective on a coal-fired power plant with two 497-foot cooling towers in Somerset, Massachusetts. The post is aptly entitled, "What's Worse Than a Coal-Fired Power Plant?" Here's an excerpt:

The Green Miles spent the weekend with family in southeast Massachusetts, and the new towers at the Dominion-owned Brayton Point plant in Somerset were never far from view. (Here's how they look from four miles away in neighboring Swansea.)

How out-of-character for the region are they? If they were office buildings, they'd be the tallest in New England outside of Boston & Hartford. But it's distant offshore windmills that would be eyesores?

Those are great questions, and ones which the fossil fuel industry doesn't have any good answers to. For instance, how is it less egregious to blow up mountains to get at the coal that lies underneath them, than it is to place some windmills far off the coast, where they do no damage and can barely be seen? Miles Grant's observations are particularly important in light of the relentless attacks on offshore wind power, including this recent one. Would opponents of offshore wind as a supposed "eyesore" really prefer more coal-fired plants with giant cooling towers, like the ones in this video by "The Green Miles?"