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New Survey: The More People Know, The More They Like Clean Energy

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A new study by Arizona State University researchers on the attitudes of Arizona residential utility customers towards future energy resource alternatives is particularly interesting because it demonstrates that the more people know, the more they like clean energy.  According to the "APS Informed Perception Project Report," after "exposure to an educational energy booklet (Energy Briefing Book) and participation in the one-day Energy Forum event held December 4, 2010, several primary findings emerged." These included:

  • "Given a reason for doing so – quicker development of renewable energy sources or job creation, for example – most participants would be willing to absorb an increase in their electrical rates. "
  • "By the end of the study (T4), the percent that advocated for increased use of solar and wind power were 94% and 78%, respectively."
  • "By the end of the study (T4), 59% wanted coal usage reduced. Across all survey administrations, coal is the only source in which participants favored a reduction in use."

In the end, the study finds that attitudes and opinions about different energy sources shifted as a result of increased exposure to accurate information. However, the study also notes that "when the education process ceases, many opinions go back to where they started, strongly implying that "continued education appears to be critical if opinion/attitude changes are to be sustained."

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