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Report: Renewable Standards Do NOT Raise Costs

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You've probably heard the falsehood spread by dirty energy interests that renewable energy portfolio standards are costly. Well, a new report say  it's simply not true.

Many states have "renewable portfolio standards" mandating that they produce a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources. Libertarian and tea bag-ish critics of these standards have said that they will cause electricity rates to "skyrocket."

But the numbers are in, and guess what? Science says the critics are wrong. Utility companies’ experiences vary a bit, but on the whole energy costs are barely being nudged by renewable standards, reports Midwest Energy News. In fact, far from being a financial drain, wind power is the most economic option in some places, such as the portion of the Dakotas and western Minnesota served by Otter Tail Power.

Surprise, surprise, yet another one of Dirty Energy industry falsehoods bites the dust. Now, if we could just kill the rest of them.