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Bull Moose Sportsmen Alliance Calls Out Dirty Energy Industry

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Farron Cousins writes at DeSmog Blog about a new report by the Bull Moose Sportsmen Alliance. According to Cousins:

...the hunting and fishing group highlights the damage that the dirty energy industry has done to their hunting and fishing grounds for years. Among the more damning findings are the fact that there are over 100 oil spills every year in just three counties in Colorado – Garfield, Mesa, and Rio Blanco. The state of Colorado has confirmed that no fewer than 77 of these spills managed to taint water supplies of the three counties. These spills combined have leaked more than 5.6 million gallons of oil into the lands that the Bull Moose Sportsmen Alliance works to preserve.

As the Alliance points out, the hunting and fishing industry in Colorado brings in more than $1.2 billion a year, making it more profitable than the sports industry in the state, which includes NFL, NBA, and MLB teams. But thanks to the reckless oil and gas industry, the ecosystems and habitat that hunters and fishermen spend that billion-plus dollars to enjoy are threatened.

The question is, why aren't the enormous damages to public lands, water, peoples' livelihoods, and everyone's quality of life ever mentioned when the dirty energy industry brags about how "cheap" coal, oil, and "fracked" natural gas are?  Here's one hint.