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Jeff Jarvis's "Hard economic lessons for news"

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Jeff Jarvis is a leading thinker on where text news is going.  Although we don't always agree with everything he has to say,  many of his points in this post on BuzzMachine are hard to argue with.  For instance:

* There is huge growth potential in increasing engagement. Facebook gets roughly 30 times the engagement of newspaper sites, Huffington Post’s engagement is also a multiple of newspapers’. If we are truly community services, then we must rethink our relationship with the public, becoming more a platform for our communities, and that will multiply engagement and, with it, audience, traffic, and data. We have not begun to extend and exploit the full potential of the value news organizations can have in relationships with their communities: more people, more value, more engagement equals more value to extract.

In general, we believe that cleantechers and sustainability advocates should study carefully what Jeff Jarvis has to say about communicating - and competing - effectively in the age of social media.