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ThinkProgress: "How Koch Industries Makes Billions By Demanding Bailouts And Taxpayer Subsidies"

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If you haven't read it, we strongly recommend that you check out ThinkProgress' superb, two-part report on the dirty energy company, Koch Industries, and specifically how the company "makes billions by demanding bailouts and taxpayer subsidies."  Here's an excerpt from Part 1 of the ThinkProgress report.

...Koch’s Tea Party libertarianism is actually a thin veneer for the company’s long running history of winning special deals from the government and manipulating the market to pad Koch profits...

...The Koch brothers have claimed that they oppose government intervention in the market, but Koch Industries lobbies aggressively for taxpayer handouts. In Alaska, blogger Andrew Halcro reported that a Koch subsidiary in Fairbanks asked Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration to use taxpayer money to bail out one of their failing refinery.

Now, here's an excerpt from Part 2 of the ThinkProgress report.

Koch Industries has cornered the market in monetizing some of the most dirty industrial businesses. Koch imports oil from the Middle East, refines high-carbon Canadian crude, maintains coal-burning plants, owns one of the largest oil pipeline networks in America, runs environmentally hazardous lumber mills, produces toxic chemicals, and manufacturers fertilizer. The University of Masschusetts Amherst has scored Koch as among the top ten worst air polluters for its carcinogenic chemicals.

Much of the entire Koch political machine is geared towards ensuring that Koch Industries never has to compensate the people and ecosystems damaged by Koch Industries pollution. Koch front groups — from Tea Party groups to think tanks — have diligently promoted Koch Industries’ bottom line by denying global warming, fighting regulations on Koch’s cancer-causing chemicals, and snuffing out investigations into Koch’s environmental crimes...

There's lots more about Koch Industries at ThinkProgress. We encourage everyone to read all about it and learn how one of the dirtiest of the dirty energy companies plays "full contact."