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Forbes “Media Mixer” on Ditching “Corporate Speak” in 2011

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Jim Nichols of Forbes Magazine’s “Media Mixer” column has some sound advice that’s useful to cleantech companies:

“Corporate speak” is the gobbledygook that slows down progress and understanding in companies across the world. This problem is not just limited to large corporations; it also runs rampant among small businesses, entrepreneurs and lawyers. It is often a symptom of your environment. Could you imagine telling a loved one about the synergies of red wine complementing the innovative marinade on your steak dinner, not to mention having the bandwidth to sit down and commiserate with your counterpart? If you did…you’d often be eating alone.

So let’s make a resolution to ban corporate speak in 2011…

Given the increasingly fettered message environment in which cleantech is operating, connecting with the wide and deep public support is important. For that reason, “eliminating ‘corporate speak’ in 2011” is a sound, basic resolution that will help cleantech companies do just that.