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A Few Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (1/13/11)

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Here are a few articles on energy we’ve been reading today (1/13/11) at Scaling Green, and which we recommend that you read as well.

  1. The New York Times has an important op-ed by retired Army Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson, “Save Energy, Save Our Troops,” which makes the case that,A new energy efficiency policy would not only save lives and cut costs, it would make a powerful statement regarding the Pentagon’s commitment to lowering our dependence on foreign oil.” Once again, the national security case for switching to clean energy and energy efficiency grows stronger.
  2. Appalachian Voices declares “Victory!”, as the EPA “announced today that they will be vetoing the largest mountaintop removal permit in WV history.”
  3. Climate Progress highlights the news that “Both NOAA and NASA data show 2010 tied with 2005 for hottest year on record.” In addition, “The year 2010 now has the most national extreme heat records for a single year–nineteen.” Of course, the fossil fuel industries probably won’t admit it, but the evidence for anthropogenic global warming is growing more firm and grim.
  4. The New York Times “Green” blog reports that “more than three times as much wind power capacity was installed in China last year than in the United States and that China now constitutes the world’s largest wind energy market.”