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SPG’s Tom Rooney mounts the right defense of solar from way-off WSJ ed page

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Wall Street Journal editorial page stands in line of pundits and editorial pages to talk about how renewables and solar are “costly” and “not ready.” This nonsense comes from the heavily subsidized and destructive coal and oil industries.

Tom Rooney of SPG Solar pushes back with a great piece on Renewable Energy World:

“Solar is not a cause, it is a business with real benefits for its customers ... Today, around the world, more than a million people work in the wind and solar business."

We think Mr. Rooney is dead-on, and said so at REW and here:

I look forward to these same pundits, all of whom have long-expressed concerns about government spending, vigorously calling for ending the hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies, tax breaks, pollution forgiveness, and research grants that coal and oil annually enjoy in the U.S. and abroad.

Those century-old energy sources are comprised of some of the most profitable corporations in the history of the world. Do they really need our tax money to get by, especially when Americans want deficits cut and renewable energy supported?

And, if government support is a sign of supposed “immaturity,” at what point do the coal and oil companies lose the teenage acne and grow up?

Let’s kick Massey Energy and ExxonMobil off government welfare, then have a conversation about whose technology is “costly.”

We need a lot more people in solar companies aggressively pushing back against dirty energy propaganda, which directly affects the market positioning and sales environment for solar.

Solar Fred has called for much the same thing.