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Day 2 at Netroots Nation: Top 8 Quotes

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Top 8 quotes from Day 2 at NN10:

1. “Information system has taken a huge leap forward, but the wisdom system has not.” – Van Jones, senior fellow at the Center For American Progress.

2. “These people are orcs and they are coming for you.” – Van Jones

3. “’Illegal immigrants’” has become the code word for Latinos. – Eliseo Medina, international executive vice president of SEIU

4. “Thirty percent of Americas energy comes from the Gulf, 80 percent of that comes from deepwater rigs. That’s why it’s so important to get this right.” –  Bob Cavnar, energy industry veteran and founder and editor of the Daily Hurricane.

5. “These wells talk to you the whole time your drilling. Looking back ... this well (Deepwater Horizon) was screaming at them for at least 19 hours before it went that it was going to blow out and they didn’t listen.” – Bob Cavna

6. “Big oil is having its way with the American people and having its way with the American government.” – Van Jones

7. “A lot of these guys (Gulf Coast residents) say, ‘if fishing is bad, I can get work on the rigs.’ There is a history of people moving between these two industries. … They need to put bread on the table and feed their kids. – David Pettit, senior attorney in charge of NRDC’s Southern California Air Quality Project and one of the lawyers working to keep Obama’s moratorium on deepwater drilling.

8. “The ‘Banksters’ have a moral obligation to be a better citizen. We bailed them out, they should be willing to bail out the people on the Coast. – Van Jones