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Why Steer Into Rough Seas?

Advancing Offshore Wind Community Acceptance Practices

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Take a look at some early testimonials by industry leaders in the cleantech and renewable energy sector. See what they had to say about Tigercomm's OSW Ebook here:

  • "Public participation in the offshore wind development process is critical, and the offshore wind sector is committed to early, often and continuous engagement with all interested parties. TigerComm’s analysis provides a helpful roadmap to utilize when seeking community acceptance, complete with lessons learned from other energy sectors. It is a must-read for anyone working to create a successful offshore wind industry.” – Nancy Sopko, Executive Director, Special Initiative on Offshore Wind
  • If one thing is clear, it’s time for utility-scale renewable companies of any flavor to stop thinking they need to recreate the public acceptance wheel on every project…and instead push ourselves and each other to innovate on the foundation we’ve already built.” – Steve Bowers, VP of Marketing & Communications, Apex Clean Energy
  • Different industries can and should learn from one another on what drives consumer adoption of new technologies. Thank you Mike Casey for sharing lessons learned from the #windenergy.” – Ellen Carey, Senior Manager, European Strategy and Innovation Affairs
  • "I've had personal experience with #NIMBYism against #RenewableEnergy. While there can be valid reasons to oppose some projects, every instance of NIMBYism that I encountered were very much #astroturfed campaigns. Well funded and organized with the potential to unjustly derail good projects. Sound advice in this document, based on a lot of research and experience, on how to avoid getting behind the curve and costing your projects (and larger markets) lots of time and money (and potential cancellation and regressive regulation). More important now than ever since the world is even more on social media than before #Covid19. Thanks Mike Casey and Tigercomm" Jeff Wolfe, Co-Founder/CEO, Veloce Energy

  • Tigercomm really gets it -- based on years of experience in clean energy, they've seen the trajectory of sectors that face local opposition, and they've helped those sectors to craft solutions and advance. Their new e-book lays out an analysis and series of steps for the offshore wind sector to right the ship when it comes to local community opposition.” - Stephanie McClellan, Founder/Advisor, Special Initiative on Offshore Wind

  • Offshore wind offers enormous economic opportunities for America's coastal communities. But …to be successful, companies and project developers need to be thoughtful in their community engagement. Insightful stuff from Mike Casey.” - Sam Ricketts, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

  • “I think it was a really good analysis of how offshore wind can avoid the same mistakes made by other renewable energy sectors on dealing with stakeholder groups and trying to get projects built in these different communities. It was a very important road map that the offshore wind industry should really look at closely.” - Nancy Sopko, Executive Director at Special Initiative on Offshore Wind, University of Delaware