Social Media Marketing

Reach the discrete groups you need to engage.

Three vectors have converged, changing practically everything for cleantech communications: Digitalization of the media, the rise of social networks and the criticality of content. 

For disruptive technologies, all communication needs have to be managed with smart strategy and tight execution. That’s where we come in.

Social media is changing the way Americans engage on everything – including cleantech purchases and investments. But cleantech has special social media demands that need to be met in order to rapidly scale these disruptive technologies that need to scale fast. Limited budgets and competitive pressures mean social media has to be a strategic program to engage, not a distribution box to check. That’s where we come in….

Social Media Management
Have an existing social media program you want outsourced? We’ll help you wade through the options and choose the channels that will reach the discrete groups you need to engage, then blend your social media efforts with the rest of your communications program.

Social Media Campaigns
Our customized, highly-targeted social media campaigns are designed to engage critical cleantech audiences and integrate seamlessly with clients’marketing and communications programs. Tigercomm’s online strategies open dialogues for clients with their customers through:

  • Social media program design, monitoring and measurement
  • Community management
  • Workshops, trainings and seminars on social media best practices
  • Listening and influencer targeting
  • Social media audits

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