Posted on Oct 16, 2012 |

This article appeared in Triple Pundit.  You can access the story here.


By Holbert Janson

Nexus: Noun; A connection, link, or tie.

If you haven’t yet heard the term, you will likely feel the impact of the water-energy nexus at some point in the near future.

Simply put, there is a critical link between our finite energy resources and our finite water resources. Creating energy is a water-intensive undertaking. Likewise, managing our water needs requires a huge amount of energy. What makes this noteworthy is the fact that many parts of the world, including the U.S., are dealing with shortages in both of these resources.

Managing the two is going to be a global challenge for the next several decades. Many parts of the world, including Texas and the UK, are dealing with current and pending energy shortages. Addressing these shortages is a multifaceted challenge.  The fix will require equal parts technology, policy, environmental protection, and fresh water management.

In order to generate more energy, more fresh water is required.  Currently the cheapest means of generating electricity on a large scale is by the burning of fossil fuels, particularly coal and natural gas.  These also happen to be among the most water-intensive methods of generating electricity.

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