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The New Energy Equation

In energy markets across the country, from Texas to California to New Jersey and states like Iowa in between – electricity generated from renewables is rapidly becoming cheaper than fossil fuel generation. The increasing cost advantage of renewable energy has become a talking point for clean energy and climate change advocates. It’s also become a selling point for businesses looking to identify markets where its easiest and most beneficial to heavily invest in renewables.

Topics: Clean Economy Marketing & Communications

Harnessing the Power of Video: Clean Technology Marketing in the Digital Age

by Dan Bellows, Account Associate at Tigercomm

Topics: Marketing & Communications

Does the Return of Solar's "Long Tail" Make the Case for Turnkey Marcom Solutions for Small Installers?

We read with great interest cleantech industry leader Andrew Beebe's thought piece, The Revenge of the Long Tail: Small, distributed solar companies are retaking the industry. Here’s why.  The following excerpt captures what Beebe's main point is.

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Cleantech Tips from TED: The Power Of Wearing Your Battle Stripes

When author and public speaker Brene’ Brown talked about “the power of vulnerability” at TEDx Houston in 2010, she was speaking as a researcher, a professor at the University of Houston and a #1 New York Times best-selling author. Brown’s credibility got her onstage, but credibility alone is not what got her to the top-10 most-viewed TED talks in the world. That accomplishment was likely the result of Brown taking her own advice.

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Almost every wind energy company is using social media as a limited distribution platform

By Sarah Lippincott and Mike Casey, excerpt from Social Wind.

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Focus on Solutions, Not Scary Facts, When Talking to Millennials About Climate Change

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Jigar Shah on the Mainstream Media's Behind-the-Times, False Conventional Wisdom About Clean Energy

by Tigercomm President Mike Casey

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Direct Corporate Purchasers Biggest Driver of Commercial Solar Sector Growth, But Funding Obstacles Remain For Smaller Purchasers

Say “residential solar” and people immediately think Solar City. That company, along with Vivint Solar and Sunrun, comprises 50 percent of the residential market. The commercial side of the solar industry, in contrast, has lacked a clear winner, with the top 10 developers making up only 42 percent of the market, according to the recent GTM Research report, US Commercial Solar Landscape 2016-2020.

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First-Ever Look at Social Media in the Wind Industry

We're releasing the first-ever study of social media use by major wind companies, showing a nearly 63 percent usage rate of the major social media channels by 14 top wind companies. But with the industry's rapid growth comes an opportunity for wind companies to use social media strategies to drive sales and secure public affairs outcomes.

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Yale Report Finds Broad Support for Clean Energy Among Supporters of Leading Presidential Candidates

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication does great work, and today is no exception, with their new report, "Global Warming and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election." Here are a few findings relevant to the clean energy  industry:

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