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Solar Industry Magazine: Many Venture Capitalists Looking at Clean Energy, Particularly Solar

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Solar Industry Magazine has some interesting statistics on clean energy investment, via the Cleantech Group, that we thought were worth passing along.

Venture capital investors are still seeking high-risk, high-payoff investments, and many are looking at clean energy. That's according to Cleantech Group's investment report for the third quarter of this year (Q3'13). The quarter saw more than $1.4 billion of investment activity in the cleantech sector, and the top three categories of investment were transportation with $352 million, energy efficiency with $205 million and solar energy with $170 million.

Solar looks even better in terms of number of investment deals. The Cleantech Group reports that of the 195 total deals, energy efficiency companies had 33 completed deals - a decrease of 35% compared to the first quarter of 2013. Transportation had 22 deals, which was down 21%. Solar had 22 deals - an increase of 5%.

...some solar companies are more attractive than others. In particular, there seems to be a growing divide between manufacturing and project-oriented solar firms.

"I think it's a tale of two cities," Haji says. "On the upstream side, there is a general fear in investing in a capital-intensive new company. The downstream side is growing really fast, and interesting new players are investing."