Noah Ginsberg Senior Account Executive

As a former policy communications strategist for the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), Noah Ginsberg understands effective communications strategies for advancing pro-growth renewable energy policies. During Noah’s tenure at ACORE, he oversaw the creation of ACORE’s Capitol Energy, a weekly Capitol Hill outreach service focused on educating policymakers and staff members on the benefits of renewable energy. Noah also worked as an educational liaison on Capitol Hill and provided strategic communications support for a number of ACORE’s organizational priorities. 

Noah’s work experience and deep understanding of the policy and media landscape allows him to work closely with Tigercomm’s advocacy and cleantech clients. He has helped clients earn high profile media attention and place written pieces in major newspapers and publications. He is also a proven social media strategist.

Case Studies:

Raising a Candidate’s Profile

» Raising a Candidate’s Profile

The challenge: As a down-ballot race in a low turnout election, the campaign for Virginia's…more

Noah Ginsberg Account Executive for Tigercomm